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Christmas taffy? Yes please!

Hmm, now which is which. Cream must be egg nog, and the dark brown is gingerbread. If only there were some way to find out!

What I didn't buy at the craft bazaar...

Shotgun shell Christmas lights.

And I found my old work tag from my second job. Memories!

Vespa OTN

If the couch behind her weren't covered up she would be cleaning her claws on it. Since it is, she is sleeping angelically instead. 

Friday night in

I am thinking it's egg nog time. Is it egg nog time? I mean, I had coffee, pizza and Mexican food today, so it must be egg nog time.



I found an actually interesting store in Bellevue Square mall the other day: Moxie. All letterpress cards, all the time. And maybe one or two bits of other like Moleskine and Tokyo Milk lip balm. Frou frou.

I bought the octopus card this very icon is from! It says 'sucker for you'. I know. But it's cute.

O internets

While reading about some tiny scandal in the beauty corner of the internet, I came across this comment (to the OP) and it made me laugh like a horrible old Maggie Smith character:

“This is the most attention you’ve ever received. Enjoy it!"

Late night pet peeves

I hate those commercials that promise to improve your hair or your youthfulness or the fabulousness of your penis. Unless it has shark cartilage in it or is banned in at least one country, I ain't buyin'!

Serious about the cartilage. I totally go for that.

Nog of any kind

I need to remember that when I adjust my egg nog intake, I must also adjust my exercise regimen. I'm not a very large person, but what there is of me is made up of two things.

1. Egg nog, and
2. Not being able to run from assailants

And I don't think it's a coincidence that my middle name is "Asthma". :(

Right now the only exercise I get is doing the victory dance when I win an internet argument. This does not happen often. I would include "driving around looking for an espresso stand that serves egg nog", but I have power steering and an automatic transmission.